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Prevention of Dangers – Mark of a Compassionate Society

If only canes, walkers, railings and banisters were sentient, what would their message be to humans on Earth? “Prevention is the Priority, Dummies,” they would exclaim. “Look at how many trips and falls we prevent for our users compared to the enormous costs in pain, suffering, family disarray and economic expenses that would occur were it not for our reliable presence day after day. We get no respect!”

For the most part, prevention of waste, injury, disease, casualties, wars, toxic chemicals and corporate crimes such as massive over-billing are just not profitable for mindless CEOs. However, selling goods and services that flow from the tragedies, disasters and injustices not prevented produces profits and jobs.

Taking care of broken hips, busted knees, sprained ankles, head trauma and more is a big business and attracts skilled workers to perform these treatments. A

— source | Ralph Nader | Oct 6, 2023

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